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Welcome to the StyleisHer Fashion and Lifestyle Blog!

Thank you for partaking in my journey and wanting to know more about the girl behind the blog. My name is Melissa Collado, I am the Founder of the StyleisHer Fashion and Lifestyle blog. I currently reside in NYC, the best place to be! Just Kidding, or am I?! Ha! Okay,Let’s get serious now, this blog will bring you Style Inspiration, Latest Beauty trends, and Lifestyle tips such as DIY, Travel, and some juicy Girl Talk!

A little background on Melissa, she started this blogging journey in hopes of inspiring women to get out there and be confident with who they are and owning their style. Little did she know it was her who was really on the journey to becoming more confident and learning to love every aspect of herself. Through her personal style she has evolved not only on the outside but within as well. With a full-time career, working a blog, and maintaining dear relationships with loved ones, she has endured many trials and tribulations through this journey, but her passion to help others and create the life of her dreams is what keeps her going.

Our main goal is to help the everyday woman become their own inspiration. This means the hardworking woman who puts everyone before herself. She is the caretaker, the wife, the mother, the sister, the best friend, the career woman who just needs an outlet to have time for herself. Life is about balance and that is what we encourage through our blog and many different features. Beauty and Fashion are amazing ways of expressing yourself but ultimately the life you create for yourself is the world you will live in! Do what makes you happiest and follow that path, is what we want our readers to feel in leaving this blog!

Contact me for any questions or inquires at: melissa@syleisher.com

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  • Mario September 11, 2014 12:20 am

    You are amazing and Beautiful might I add

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