The Amuse Bouche Review: Bite Lipstick


So this week’s blog post is exciting and different. I am so excited to share this because I was chosen for my first blogger campaign! Woohoo!

Any who the campaign was on Bite cosmetics latest lip collection called Amuse Bouche. I was so excited because I previously tried a lipstick from them and loved it. It was a complete random purchase standing on-line at Sephora. LOL You know how that goes, one minute you are only buying the foundation you need replace, next you are grabbing everything while on the longest line ever! So when I saw this campaign it was a no brainer, I definitely would want to write a review for this company. They sent over three different shades from their collection and they were such grogeous colors!  I am pretty basic with my lipsticks, mostly reds and mauves, so I was excited to try this plum color they sent! What I liked the most about the lipsticks was the fact that they were so creamy and moisturizing. Before I tried them on I came home after my long cold walk from the train station so my lips were starting to get a little chapped from the cold. I usually put on a lip primer but forgot and just put the lipstick on but my lips still looked great. In the brochure they sent it says it is an ultra creamy hydrating texture, and that it definitely is! It also has a citrus fruity smell to them! I love when lipsticks smell good its like the cherry topping on the cake LOL Have you ever had those lipsticks that just don’t smell good at all? Ugh! I rather it just not have a smell for that LOL


I would highly recommend these lipsticks to anyone looking for a new summer shade to try, they are very pigmented and hydrating for the lips. One thing I can say is that with the texture so creamy I had to prep my lips with concealer and primer to ensure the color doesn’t leak outside the lines. The first round of trying them on was not so smooth especially with the plum color since it is so pigmented, you were able to tell any imperfection or slight bleeding of the color on your skin. Otherwise highly recommended lipstick for keeping your lips hydrated and smooth!


The first color is called Pepper. It is the perfect mauve for summer.

  This one is definitely my favorite because it is a color you can wear everyday and goes well with anything!

The second color they sent was this plum color called BeetRoot!


This color  is so pigmented and pretty! When you want simple eyes and a nice pop of color to head out this is definitely a go to!


The last color I received is a beautiful red color call Gazpacho! Definitely a summer night out color!

 This color would be perfect once you have that summer glow going! I can’t wait to rock it!


I hope I left my loves with some new lip inspiration for this Summer! Thank you for reading!

Oh, and Stay Beautiful 😉


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