10 things that make me happy


Happy Tuesday! Even though Tuesdays are usually worse than Mondays to me! LOL Today’s post was inspired by Instagram. I was recently tagged to do this challenge 10 things that make me happy by blogger Alexandra Veras of GloryBoon. I was going to reply on instagram then I decided I would rather just write a post about it!

I like this challenge because it is a way to make you think of all the positives especially for me, since today was a rough day for at work and I am sick on top of it all. But, like I said this is a good way to get my spirits lifted before I take some meds and pass out for the night! I hate being sick, especially because I have so much going on in my everyday life that when I am sick it slows me down! I feel like it is the season to get sick because everyone at work and on the train has either the sniffles or some type of cough!

So enough of my rant lets get on to the 10 things that make me happy!

10 things that make me happy

1. Purchasing new clothes, items, anything new makes me feel good! It’s like I’m starting over!

2. Being around family. They always know how to make me crack up and forget the nonsense!

3. WINE! LOL I absolutely love wine!

4. Dancing! I was a dancer when I was younger and blasting music and dancing around my house makes me feel so good and motivated!

5. When I clean and re-organize my home! I love when everything is clean and fresh and I find new creative ways to organize!

6. Reading a good book! I love the feeling of reading a good book that has an inspiring story or one I can lose myself in with my creative mind!

7. When I find jeans that fit me perfectly! LOL Jean shopping is such a mission becuase I have thick thighs and a small waist and I am short! LOL #thestruggle

8. Going for long walks! I genuinely love doing things alone at times it gives me the chance to get lost in my thoughts and recharge my creativity. When I get my time to just wander off on my own I always find some new inspiration for myself!

9. Skittles! LOL I love skittles! My favorite candy ever!

10. My dog precious and my babe! <3 Nothing like coming home to them! <3

Those who move forward with a happy spirit, will find that things always work out” – Gordon B. Hinckley

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