2014 Recap: The year of coming into your own


So I was sitting at “the desk” today just reflecting on the past year and writing my goals for this year. I must say I had some rough patches in the year but I had some real high moments for myself. I am proud of the things I did. A year before I started the whole blogging thing and researched and learned some cool things such as LuckyFABB. I told myself I am going to go to that event. I applied for the one in New York and got denied. A few months later I applied to the one in LA and got invited!! I was so excited and nervous. I am so shy at times especially since my blog was new I was going to meet bloggers who are known and who have businesses already it was so nerve wrecking for me! But I joined the few blogger friends I have made and went in for the kill. I booked a flight, hotel, and told my job i’m taking off! It was so awesome and one of the best experiences I had. It opened my eyes to a new light in the blogging world and that’s when I decided to rename my blog and re-brand myself! Best part of the whole experience is I got to go to California and fall in love!!! Here were some pictures!




I had also went to a conference alone for the first time! These things can be a bit overwhelming for someone like me and I usually chicken out and don’t go since I don’t have someone with me, but this year I went and made sure to make a few friends and hand out my business card. It was one of those moments you definitely give yourself a pat on the back and feel great about yourself. I definitely showed myself I can do this and get over my fears! I also learned a whole lot!


Another awesome experience I had was going to Texas last minute with a friend of mine to see LiLy Ghalici’s How to Live Like a boss event! I actually really loved this because it made me leave with a lot more confidence in myself and the dreams that I have. I also got to experience Houston, Texas somewhere I have never been in my life! This year was a huge year of growth and these three moments I am sharing on the blog are memories and life changing  moments for me. I will forever be grateful for this year and all I got to experience. Now as for 2015 I am so ready to create and take all this knowledge and put it to work!



“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

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