26 things I’ve learned in my 26 years of Life


Happy Halloween! As some of you may know tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 27 years old. How insane is that? LOL I don’t feel 27 though I feel young and full of life and ambition! I have never felt more motivated in life than I do now and I am so greatful for all the wonderful things, oppurtunities, and people in my life. So this has been a big year for change for me. I feel like I have really been pushing myself to come out that comfort zone and show the world who I am. It’s an amazing feeling, at times I wish I could of accomplished this a long time ago, but as they say God has a plan and is working on you so when the time is right you will make those moves. I wanted to share with you some humor and wisdom I have learned this year as it has been an awesome one, hardships and all.


1. Don’t ever feel you have to be a grown up 24/7, there are moments to act an adult and moments you are entitled to Turn Up! :p

2. Never stop dreaming!

3. Ramen is the best thing on earth! I am not talking about the packets I am talking about the ramen foods from korea town!

4. Own your mistakes, you only feel better once you own it because then you can fix it. Making excuses and blaming others only makes you look worse.
5. Never let your relationship with God go. I have become closer with God and not necessarily going to church every week but praying to him and taking a moment out of my busy schedule to thank him for every blessing and curve ball that has come my way it has only led me to where I am today and what my future holds.

6. You don’t need to stress every single bad thing that happens, it only wraps you in the the negative zone and thats a terrible place to be.

7. Money is not the solution to every problem. I used to be so focused on making more money and I would be happier even if I hated my job. Welp, I have a decent Salary at a great company and let’s say I am working toward following my dreams rather than settling.

8. Bagels every morning have got to stop because my metabolism is not what it used to be HAHA

9. I love Fashion but my bills don’t like it as much LOLOL

10. Be true to yourself, not everyone is going to like you or your beliefs and that is ok.

11. Criticism only makes you come back stronger, so embrace the haters because they will be a great deal in your success.

12. Waking up early for a job you are not enthusiastic about SUCKS! LOL Don’t settle my friends, you can do more!

13. People will always reveal their true colors, pay close attention.

14. If you are going to get ahead in this world you have to learn how to appreciate all types of people and embrace the ones who try to bring you down. For they shall see how high they take you instead

15. Support others, I know you get caught up and focused on your stuff which is great becuase you are doing you! But don’t forget to try your best if you have the time to show love and support to others! We are all working our butt’s off to get further in life. A little recognition can go a long way for someone.

16. Learn to congratulate yourself for every little big step you take in bettering your life. Don’t do it for others recognition but yourself.

17. Live a little don’t take life so seriously all the time. You have to learn to be responsible and take care of business but live as well!

18. Half of the problems that you are facing are caused by you. If you can admit those and take action to work on them then you can get rid of half the baggage you have!

19. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed, take a minute to yourself and clear your mind of everything. Then you can focus and come up with solutions!

20. LAUGH A LOT! It is literally the best medicine!

21. Don’t judge others too quickly, I used to be one of those girls and I learned not to be so judgmental and making fun of everyone because those might be the same people down the road that lift you up when you need, not the ones you were laughing with the whole time.

22. We have as many hours in a day as Beyonce, but you must have a work ethic like Kevin Hart if you are trying to make a mark in this world!

23. Work out! Even if you just take the long walk home .. do something to keep your body maintained and your mind. I take the train to work everyday so sometimes I get off two stops before mine and just take the nice long walk home. Its so peaceful and refreshing for me.

24. When your gut tells you to stay home and not go out, stay your ass home!

25. Don’t be afraid to take risk, they always seem to work themselves out whether you succeed or fail at it.

26. Break through your fears and learn to dance through the ups and downs. There will alyays be someone talking bad, trying to bring you down, possibly pretending to be your friend but really not, but then there are those who come from no where and lift you up, take you to levels you never knew existed and open your mind to the possibilities of this world. So learn to appreciate it all the good and bad, and you will see how you can own your life!

So before I leave I am telling my self Happy 27th Birthday BabyGirl because you have come a long way and only God can see what the future holds as I continue to work hard and reach for the stars! <3

Leaving inspiration in your day! Love you Boos and Thank you for reading my blog!


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