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Photobooth’s are the best touches to a party! I love when I go to an event or restaurant and they have a photo booth because it is just so much fun to see all the silly pictures you took the next day. They are memories you make with the people you love and even some new people you meet. They are also great icebreakers for an event because everyone loves to take pictures and as the night goes on you meet new people and want to take pictures for memories. As I mentioned in my previous post I created my own photo booth for my new years party and wanted to share with you all how you can create an official photo booth on a budget. $200 can be a little high priced but compared to having to rent a photo booth and pay people per the hour, I think that is a fair deal. The best part is you can take it anywhere with you and forever.

I previously owned a step and repeat banner because I hosted an event over a year ago called ” The StyleisHer Sip & Shop event”.  I kind of used it as a photo booth but I had an actual photographer taking pictures of everyone instead. My idea for this kind of came together as a last minute since a lot of the material I already owned from investing in my blog. I love the fact that you get more privacy in taking your own pictures, and the sillier you and your friends get.  You can use your own devices and instantly send pictures to everyone without the worry of having to print them out or running out of paper and ink in between. It’s a great investment if you are the kind of person who likes to throw parties and get creative!

See below for the products I used to make photo booth magic!

  1.  Photography BackdropThe Back Drop is optional because if you have a plain white wall you can set up at, you can use that as a background instead of buying one. You can just buy small decorations to give the picture background, but if you don’t have a white background then you might want to invest in this so your pictures look professional.


2.Photography Back drop Stand The Photography Stand  is also optional because if a backdrop isn’t necessary for you then you wouldn’t need the tools to hold it up. Also, if you really want to save money and just get a backdrop there is the option to tapping it to your wall but the pieces to hold it up are most appealing and also more effective in preventing your backdrop from falling throughout the night if the tape is not sturdy enough.

3. Collapsable Tripod

The Tripod is definitely a must! This will hold up your ipad/iphone and your lighting for pictures. This is an affordable I got on Amazon. You don’t have to go crazy buying top of the line items, This tripod has lasted me a few years now and is totally in the budget!

4. Ipad:Iphone holder for Tripod

You definitely need the Phone/iPad holder for the tripod. This will hold up your device in place so everyone can get in the picture! What is great about this is you can hold both an iphone or ipad, maybe someone might want to hook up their phone so the pictures are on there. Also if your ipad dies you can use an iphone or switch it up at your convenience. The next item will definitely be the must have purchase so everyone can enjoy the party and take their own pictures when entering the booth!

5.Bluetooth picture Shutter Remote

The Bluetooth Remote! Oh My God! This was a lifesaver! When I was creating the photo booth my main idea was this cannot be photobooth if someone has to stand there and take their picture. Just make sure you keep it in a safe spot that everyone will remember to put back and easily access when they go to take a picture. All you do is turn on the bluetooth with your device and connect the remote. After that you can click away as many times as you like! At my New Year’s party I was able to take a whole group picture without having to set a timer and everyone run in place. This was the best investment for not even $10 and this is what makes the photo booth an official one!

6.Photography Ring Light

This item, The Ring Light, is optional as it can be pricey, but as I mentioned earlier if you want professional pictures then this is a must, unless the area you set it up has amazing lighting! I look at it as an investment especially if you tend to throw a lot of events and want to keep it on a budget!

7.Photobooth Props

Last but not least you definitely need the props! I have some of my own props like beaded necklaces and cute glasses I picked up at the dollar store. But for the most part this Photo Booth Prop Kit I found on amazon had about 58 pieces and all cute props everyone can use for their pictures! This was so worth the price of $8 for all the props you get. I still have a bunch I will put out for future parties!

Hope you guys enjoy this post and idea! Be sure to #StyleisHer so I can see all of your creative photo booths! Also let me know in the comments if you would like to see more post like this!

Stay Beautiful 😉

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