Cheers to our New Journey!

Cheers to our New Journey!

Hi my fellow beauties,

I am here to let you in on my blog, fashion secrets, tips and more! Not only do i want to talk about fashion here but I also want to get in about life and leave you with some inspiration with my journey as just turning 25. I am at the age us females usually hit a quarter-life crisis and want to find what truly makes us happy. We get ready for the future and start planning our lives. Its like a moment in life where you actually say WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?! … You start looking into everything, You realize we have to start using rejuvenating skin creams to keep our faces looking gorgeous, we turn to fashion even more to keep up with the latest trends because it helps with building our confidence as we continue on the journey of finding ourselves and who we truly are. Many of us at 25 have already been married and started our families and come to a realization that we might not actually know who we truly are and what makes us feel good as a woman, Because when children come into our lives they become our world, our everything and we forget to continue that journey of finding ourselves and what keeps us content beside our children and family. The singles are trying to find true love and in order for them to find out the need to finish living out their single lives and looking hot at the parties in hopes they catch that special one. The couples are enjoying their relationships while still trying to find themselves, but that only works when two people support each other no matter what. 25 is a complicating age! But with Fashion at our hands it is such a therapy for all those things that we feel, confusing moments that we go through and builds our confidence in finding who we are. Style is the best way to express ourselves. You can tell what a person is feeling just by their outfit that day. Not everyone has the eye to be like that looks great on me because we all have different body types, faces, and some of us need to be informed as to what is hot and what is definitely NOT! LOL .. Well that’s what I am here for the everyday fashionista! THE BEAUTIFUL CONFIDENT WOMAN IN THE MAKING! Love it Love it Love it! I am so excited for all the conversations and advice as I go through my journey with you loves!

Yours Truly,

Melissa xOxO

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