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Since 2016 has rolled around I have been so focused on what my goals are this year and taking the necessary steps to get there. I am a big picture person so I tend to have all these visions of what the end game looks like but getting down to the details and nitty gritty are my biggest struggle. I decided to invest in the planner to help change my life around, get organized, and plan through the details to make my visions come to life this year. Working full-time and working a blog can be a lot but what I have realized is if I take the necessary steps to organize I can make this work successfully!

Erin Condren Planner

I saw the Erin Condren Life Planner and instantly thought this is exactly what I need. The fact that it has monthly views and week to week notes is perfect. In my 9-5, I write down all that I need to do for the next day and so I decided I need to apply this to my life and focus on my dreams flourishing. My big vision is to work for myself within a year or two and fully transfer from the corporate life to Entrepreneurial/ Millennial life. In order to do so I have to work out the kinks and build a system for myself while working my job that pays the bills. I don’t have the luxury to quit and work on my dreams full time yet so here I am struggling like everyone else while trying to make a name for myself! I will be writing out my weekly goals every Sunday so I know what I need to accomplish that week with my blog content, as well as improving my networking and social skills. I’ve learned writing this down helps because when you start crossing goals off it makes you feel accomplished, productive, and actually more confident. The best part of this planner is that you can customize the colors or designs of the front, the way the inside is set up, and it comes with stickers to make it fun to decorate your important dates! Every month also has a positive quote which kind of gives you the fresh positive start to a new month! I chose the planner that says “She designed the life she loved” because that is exactly what I will be doing this year! When I was looking into the purchasing one my main concern was to be able to write down daily notes but also see the full month laid out. I previously purchased a planner the past years and failed to actually put it to its best use. Well, In all honesty I had let all the negativity around me affect me, lost all motivation for my blog and was just all around scatter brained. This year I refuse to let any external factors affect my well being and decided to put my focus on creating a healthier, happier, and more successful life. I decided on change and with change I must put those actions into works. If you are interested in doing the same we can go on this journey together! A planner was just one of the things I wanted to do differently to help map out this change in my lifestyle and work towards the best version of me!

See pictures below of how my planner looks from the inside out!

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Erin Condren First pageErin Condren Monthly Erin Condren Folder Erin Condren Positive Cards Erin Condren Stickers Erin Condren Tabs

Comment below your goals and many other ways I can use to get my life together this year! HAHA

Stay Beautiful 😉

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“She Designed A Life She Loved”

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