Girl Talk: How to make a decision


So every once in a while we all come to a point where we have to make tough decisions. Whether it be a career decision, a life changing one, to move, whether you want to be with your spouse still, we all come to a cross roads multiple times in our lives. Recently my cross roads have been career and life changes. Decisions are never easy, especially if they are life changing ones. One thing I have learned in my few years of life is to follow the fear. Every time I am afraid to do something and I put myself in a position that I can’t say no and just have to go through with it, I feel so happy with the end result. or should I say dwell, and then I talk to a million people to get all perspectives of the decision and see if there are any points that I missed in my own pro’s and con’s list. Fear can sometimes take over you, which is the worst thing because not only are you just afraid but you become immobile and the inaction due to thinking results in opportunities lost.


I have gone through so many lost opportunities because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough, or I didn’t know how I can present my idea, I wouldn’t speak up the way that I should have, or worst of all I just made excuses as to why I shouldn’t go for it rather than why I should. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this because we all go through it at some point. The self doubt tends to kick in making your decision harder than it is. The reality is it is our mind and self critic that is so harsh and keeps us from moving forward and going for our dreams. I tend to feel when I come across a major life changing decision it is never just a given answer, there is a whole process because I always want to feel I am going in the path that will better suit me and lead me to my dreams. Every choice has its pros and cons but you must always follow the one that feels aligned with your soul and your purpose, because the cons won’t matter as much. Here are some tips I use to help make this process easier.

  1. Talk with a few people whose opinions you respect and who you know will not judge you when you make your decision in the end. Some people like to give you their opinion but really they are trying to make the decision for you, you make your decision, point blank!

2. Make a pro’s and con’s list. Sometimes seeing things written on paper helps you understand clearer what you are fearing and which way you really should go.

3. Exercise or take a class, it relieves the extra stress and allows you to think clearer. This is just a proven fact of life! Exercise really just helps all around even without the big decision making.

4. Take some time for yourself, tune out the world and align with your true self.. This reminds you of who you are and what intentions you may have forgotten you set out for yourself.

5. If you still can’t make a decision, go with the one you fear the most! You already know the worst that can happen so why not try and see the best that can happen!

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“Be decisive. A wrong decision is less disastrous than indecision.” – unknown

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