How a Fashionista lives in a NYC Apartment


Happy Hump Day! I love hump day because of the meme’s that people put on Instagram. LOL It’s still depressing that we still have Thursday and Friday at work but at least the meme’s people put make me forget about the negatives.

Now about NYC apartments. If you don’t know, well then I am about to tell you how us New Yorkers live in these tiny apartments that are over priced. We live in them for convenience and we are always on the go so we sacrifice the luxury for convenience of public transportation and local bars and restaurants. One thing is for sure it is very difficult living in a small apartment when you own a million things. So I  decided to do a post on how I organize my life in my room because I also live with a roommate. It is very common to live with a roommate in New York with the high rents and no space. LOL! I tend to try and use up all my wall space so that It doesn’t feel cluttered in the room. The best thing I could of done for my room was purchase my external closet which has allowed me to actually fit a lot of my clothes along with my one closet in the apartment. I also purchase a lot of shelving space in order to organize shoes and minor things. Using up my wall space helps me keep my room feeling comfortable and organized. I hope I leave you with some inspiration in organizing your rooms and making room to fit all your fashion items!


I got this awesome bracelet holder from Michael’s perfect for your everyday jewelry!


You can do this with any string in your home! I used thumbtacks to hold the edges in the wall and it has stayed in tack with all these sunglasses!


I found this cute Dream oil burner in the dollar store!

IMG_1055_Fotor IMG_1056_Fotor

This is my bookshelf I purchased at target. This kind of looks cluttered here but in person its not as bad I promise LOL But here I am able to keep some makeup in the organizers, my laptop, makeup mirror, my mini office on the second shelf. Hey we all have to start somewhere right!

Bookshelf || Makeup Storage

IMG_1058_Fotor IMG_1059_Fotor

Organizing my shoes. We all have those shoes that you don’ want to throw out the boxes for so I found this bookshelf in Target as well and decided the cubby’s were perfect to fit shoe boxes easily. Also the second shelf I was able to put in flip flops in the bins and flats.

Bookshelf 1 || Bookshelf 2

morvik-wardrobe__0180624_PE332691_S4 alex-drawer-unit-with--drawers__0085835_PE213729_S4

I didn’t take pictures of these key items but here is an idea of what else I use to organize and link is below.

External Closet || Alex Drawers


“Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me its big closets” – unknown

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