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Happy Friday! Thank god for weekends LOL My week’s sometimes feel soo long when I am working behind the desk! My weekends are my savior to gain that inspiration back that can get lost with the 9-5 life. This past weekend I decided to finally get my behind up and create this vision board I have been telling myself I wanted to do for a long time now and just have not found the time nor motivation to get it done. Sunday I was home finishing a blog post I started and then said you know what let me get to target and buy the supplies finally. The best part is maybe like two month’s back I had cut out inspirational stuff from magazines and just kept them for when I decided to finish it. I pushed so many things aside the past months due to me allowing myself to get caught up in my emotions and others as well, which is the worst thing you can do unless you want to stagnate yourself from living true to you.

So I changed that mindset, I looked up a few youtube videos for inspiration and how to even get started .. I just love youtube! I decided to use a corkboard because it’s so much easier using thumb taks to post up your inspiration. I am not fully done since I want to add more designs to it but I feel as the year progesses I have room to add in any new inspiration to keep my creative juices flowing! I catch myself getting caught up in the dreariness of the week and so I have been doing anything and everything at home to keep myself inspired and not let go of my dreams. Even moving which I will finally be doing next week! YAY! I cannot wait to share on  once my apartment is together I will give a tour and how I decorated everything.

Here is a before and after picture of my vision board. I will list all supplies below but I will not link anything since I purchased it all at  >> Target <<  The best place everrr! LOL and for magazines I used what was at home!

vision board supplies

Supplies to inspiration

1 cork board

1-2 packages of thumbnails

As many magazines you find inspiration from

1 computer

1 printer incase you you pinterest

3 different duct tapes with design

1 pack of colorful sharpie markers or pens

1 pack of colorful post it’s

I pretty much used the half year mark June 1 and just looked for things I want to accomplish or do to keep me motivated this last half of the year. Even if I dont accomplish the exact goals I write by decemeber I will be ok knowing everyday I am working towards them. I put my biggest goals in the center and all around added in some fashion pictures, places I want to travel to, health and fitness because it is a goal of mine to get there and be fit (but thats starts with me actually getting motivated), and hubby is on there because everyday he pushes me to become that person I always tell him I want to be. Just be sure to put realistic goals and inspiration that everytime you look at your board you are reminded to keep going!


I know your board will be amazing! Share your pics with me by tagging my IG name @StyleisHer

Stay Beautiful;)

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“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – unknown

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