I could of had more money in my savings right now but..


So today we are having real talk! LOL I came across this site, ebates which I feel like many people have heard of but not really (well atleast that was my story). I previously heard about this site but didn’t really take a look at it. Well, recently I have been working on actually putting my finances together and making a life plan so I can sacrifice now and reap the benefits later! I have honestly been on the hunt for every possible cheap way to do things and being frugal with what I spend my money on. You know you have to do that as you get older because all those friends you go out with on the daily will eventually go their way and build a family or worse be 50 and still at the same place, with the same people, doing the same things! I want to live life and explore, travel and accomplish things I have only dreamed of the passed years in my life, and to do so I have to sacrifice my spending habits and work even smarter than I have in the past! So as I continue through my affordable way of living I will be sharing my secrets along the way as well!

>> Sign up for ebates here <<

Now back to ebates, and how you get cash back to shop! How freaking awesome is that! LOL This is what had happened, while working on my financial planning I remembered I had heard about this site but never checked it out, and so I gave it a go. Literally every site I shop at is on there and I get cash back?! I was so upset that I didn’t check this out sooner. Being a blogger you don’t always get free stuff and a lot of those outfits I post I purchased myself. Not only being a blogger but my readers who will go out there and purchase things even though it may be a good deal or a sale, why now get cash back for it! Even if you make $2 on a purchase it is still something in my book! The best part is this is not only for clothing and stuff, the actual things you buy for your home on amazon or walmart you can also make money on! I didn’t lie, Literally every site is on this!


All you have to do is sign up at the below link and start making money while you online shop! Create an account and set up your payment methods and shop away! This has to be like a god send for me. You don’t understand how excited this makes me! LOL Sign up and make your purchase babes! You will thank me later! 🙂


You will Thank me later! Love you babes! <33 

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