I gave up coffee! Here’s what happened.


I mean just reading the title of this blog post tells it all! I know you were scrolling through your social media like WHAT?! Who in their right mind would give up coffee??!!??!! Haha, Well that person was me! Yes! I gave up coffee and I have never felt better about my decision.

Yogi Tea

A little background on me and my relationship with coffee. I never drank it when I was younger because I didn’t care for the taste. It wasn’t until I got my first real job did I start drinking coffee. Now I have suffered from Acid Reflux from a young age and noticed when I would drink coffee it would upset my stomach, but I still drank it. I mean working a 9-5 is exhausting and especially in your twenties when you think you can go out drinking on work nights and show up hungover! LOL Coffee became my life savior at work and also my addiction on the weekends. I noticed I gained more weight than usual and just couldn’t function without it. I would order these large latte’s at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts not realizing how many calories I was taking in. I also felt more lazy and just bloated overall.

One day I decided to see what everyone was raving about with tea and give it a try. My first one was an iced green tea at Starbucks, sweetened of course. I started off with that just to see if I would like it since I never really had a taste for tea either. I was surprised at how I actually drank the whole cup and wanted more LOL! I then started to think maybe I can replace my coffee in the morning with tea and see how I feel. I actually felt good, really good. I was more focused and just felt lighter since it didn’t cause me to bloat. Now I can’t afford to buy myself Starbucks every morning, I mean that is a pretty penny out of my pocket on top of buying lunch, so I googled the green tea they use and went on a hunt to purchase by the box. It was Tazo tea, in case you were wondering. I bought a box and tested it out, ever since I have been drinking a green tea in the morning everyday at work and home rather than my coffee. I am still on this routine today.

I gave up coffee

Ever since I started this a lot has improved.

  • I lost 5 lbs with just drinking the green tea, and also eating better than I used to. I feel weighing off the coffee and replacing it with a healthier option helped. In no way do I think green tea itself helped me lose weight but it was a plus in the minor lifestyle changes I was trying to make.
  • Since it has antioxidants, I have not gotten sick nor have I had my stomach episodes. Previously, I was very susceptible to  stomach viruses, and I have been doing a lot better since the change.
  • I felt overall less bloated and lighter. It’s a good feeling to have energy but a healthy energy that doesn’t crash later.
  • It’s just so soothing to drink! I have to say I feel overall so much better than I used to. I don’t think coffee brings you down but when you add all the sugar and milk and anything else you might put in it, the calories and sugar levels add up. I do feel that replacing it with a better option has added improvements to my health.

In no way do I believe coffee is bad for you or makes you gain weight, but I know for me and my body giving it up was the best decision I made. If you notice certain things when drinking coffee about yourself then try weighing off to green tea since there still is slight caffeine in it. If coffee works for you than by all means continue drinking it because it is certainly delicious LOL!

I hope this post brought some enlightenment to you and possibly new lifestyle changes you may want to make this Spring!

Let me know down in the comments below if Green Tea has had any positive affects on you?!?!


“Open your mind to the possibilities of change, and allow abundance into your life”

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