K A E = Kindness Above Eveything * Make a difference

K A E = Kindness Above Eveything * Make a difference

Hello Loves,

So today is a very special post about this new up and coming company I just came across! I absolutely love their motto and what they stand for, which led to me writing this post for you lovelies!

 Here is a little background information:

KAE is an acronym for Kindness Above Everything. KAE’s main goal is to impact as many people as possible by doing it in a way that connects to the public- with the use of trendy socially conscious items. They decided to begin with selling of beanies and plan to begin selling various items as soon as June 2013, so stay tuned for the continuously growing collection.  KAE was founded by a young woman named, Alicia Patten and her partners Rae-Ann Patten and Janelle Wallace. After Alicia’s  school trip to Africa, it awoke her passion to combine philanthropy along with fashion. That is how their slogan was created “..Where Fashion meets Philanthropy “Once completing grad school in May, where Alicia created KAE as a mock business idea, she along with Rae-ann and Janelle were able to put this business into action! Now the best part of this company is that starting this September they will be donating 10% of their proceeds to a charity of your choice! Right now if you purchase a beanie or are connected to a charity and leave a message on their website with an explanation as to why the charity needs funding, they will choose a charity at the end of every other year which will receive 10% of their profit for that year. This company is one of the few that allows consumers to directly voice their opinion on a issue that is so overlooked in our society today! Not many companies like to give back to the communities so participating will not only help them expand into what this company should be but will also give you personal satisfaction in knowing the dollars you spent translate into purpose and a relevant and timeless message to our society.

Here is a picture of the beanie I purchased! So cute its HOT PINK! I cannot wait to wear it when I go snow boarding this winter! 🙂


These pics are some examples of the different designs they have right now from their company! 

Follow their accounts to keep up to date with the release of their newest items …

KAE Collection






K A E is about spreading a message simply by choosing to add something different to your wardrobe, after all, you are what you wear!

Love ya,

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