#Motivation Monday: Comfortable in your own skin


To be comfortable in your own skin is such a privilege many of us don’t allow ourselves to obtain. We are always looking in the magazines or the next girl and comparing. Most times instead of comparing we should do something about it! For instance, they say you are to love yourself as you were made on this earth. But, that doesn’t mean you have to live unhappy with the way you look and not change it. If the change is a positive one then go for it 100 percent. Decide, Commit and Achieve is the way of success in life. If you want to be more toned in your body then you better get to it! You can get all the surgery you want to hunny, it will only take away from your natural beauty as you keep on. There are those cases that many people may have to get liposuction as a head start to obtaining their goals but if you do that you have to make the commitment to work out and make sure you stay in shape. What is the point in getting surgery to lose weight faster to then not take care of yourself after.

In order for us women to achieve happiness within we have to stop and take a look at ourselves. Are you happy with who you are? Are you happy with the path you are on?  Here are some tips I have learned. Feel free to share and add on your tips as I am learning my path of happiness as well.

  • Appreciate and genuinely feel happy for someone else’s happiness, you too can find that happiness for yourself.
  • Keep it real with yourself and focus on the positives! Don’t say “God I wish I had that body” Say “God, I am going to do what I have to do to get that body!”
  • Instead of hating on the next female, how about we compliment her! Every woman has at least one good thing about her, even the most obnoxious one.
  • Yes we have moments where we have to vent as we are human and we are not going to love every single thing about a person, but at least let it be because that person actually did something to you or you got to know that person, not off of judging them!
  • Worry about bettering ourselves everyday, instead of what she or he was doing at the club last weekend.
  • Actually do something kind for someone, once in a while. Sometimes the person who is the most rude actually needs a hug.

Happiness is not focusing on just you but sharing it with others. Being able to be yourself and just go out there and no matter what negative tries to bring you down, you make sure you keep going on your path. When you have that strength to be you, You’ve won!

I chose the picture above because it is just me! I am shy, silly, funny, love to laugh, I am not a very open person about my private life, and I tend to compare myself to others as well which is what I have been working on bettering myself everyday! So I figured it’s nice to share with you all some of my secrets as I also share my fashion sense on here!

I am not perfect but I strive to be the best version of me!

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