Our trip to Jamaica and Engagement story


I’m so excited to finally share with you all my trip to Jamaica and engagement story. It was such a memorable weekend. I honestly had no idea I was going to Jamaica to get engaged. When Mario first surprised me with tickets to Jamaica for Christmas I was just excited to go on vacation. We have been together for 10 years and have gone away together but we never did an all inclusive vacation with Pina Coladas in my hand on the beach. Especially, since my parents moved away to Florida most of my vacation time would go to visiting them and throughout our young years I would have my party girls trips, so we never took the time to say lets travel somewhere different until now. This trip has opened a new tradition for us and that is to actually take vacation together every year. It is so important to travel and take time away from your daily life, it keeps the inspiration and excitement floating!

So the engagement video doesn’t show the whole beginning but to give you an idea of how we ended up on stage I thought we were just going to watch the show before we left to meet up with our new friends who were also from New York, but before the show started they called our room number to win a free massage. So we went on stage and I am extremely excited to have won a free massage because we kept passing the spa everyday lolol but really did not want to spend money on that. Well turns out the host and Mario has been planning this throughout the day when I wasn’t around paying attention. The rest of the story is up on the video! Click below to watch the whole adventure 🙂



“The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step” – unknown





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