Should you buy your wedding dress before booking a date?


About 8 months ago I got engaged and I had no idea where to begin with wedding planning LOL I was never the girl who dreamed about her wedding, but the girl who dreamed of having a successful career. So when I got engaged of course I was thrilled, excited and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing as I had hit a rough patch in life. I had so much excitement from everyone and people who were like finally, have you booked a date? haha it was the question I got every time I saw someone after my engagement. Honestly I didn’t know where to begin, I just knew I wanted to go back on vacation haha! I considered doing a wedding in NY or Destination and for me personally the pros of a destination wedding outweighed the cons. Now I know a month and that my wedding will be in 2018, but I have yet to set my date haha! Before you go crazy on me i’m still a year in advance and will be flying out to visit the resorts in a few weeks to finally book my date.

But in the meantime, My family and I decided to browse some dresses and came across one I loved. Everything about it was perfect, especially for a Caribbean wedding. So here is my experience I first went to RK Bridal with family to try on dresses. They say RK Bridal is most affordable, but honestly it is the most overwhelming place I have eve experienced. I didn’t feel that the consultant I had gave me the attention and time I needed, especially a bride like me who is brand new to this experience and had no idea what to go for. Luckily I did some research on a few dresses that caught my eye using the Knot LookBook App. It helped me gather a few styles and gives all the details of style numbers. If you ever have been to RK bridal you will know it is just a brunch of dresses in bags and rows of different designers. Too much for a girl like me, call me bougie but I really wanted the experience of says yes to the dress, and being tired from trying on so many different dresses not looking for them. However I did take two of the styles with me that really caught my eye. This happened back in December. I showed a few people the two dresses I liked so far and everyone kept pointing to one dress, which is the one they warned me might be discontinued soon.

So my lovely maid of honor did some research and found a boutique that had a trunk show with the designer of that Dress, Martina Liana. I personally wanted to purchase my dress in New Jersey because well, there is no tax and when making a large purchase like that that tax off can help! This wedding I am all about the budget and getting my financial life in tact! haha! But yes back to the dress, this boutique, Jaeehee Bridal was amazing! I love the girl who helped me she was patient, worked with me, assisted with her opinions and made me feel so comfortable with the process. I had my eye on that one dress but I told them I am open to all styles just to try on and see how I look, because honestly wedding dresses look so ugly on the rack but amazing when you actually put them on! I tried on some amazing ones but they just didn’t feel like me. I saved the dress I had in mind for last and when I put it on, I still felt like yes this is it! LOL So what did I do, made sure I got my discount for the trunk show and purchased asap!

So yes, I said yes to the dress before booking my wedding date! and you know what, I am so glad I did because I found out it wont come in for 8 months, and its like 4 months of fittings! Phew, one less thing to worry about. Now I can’t wait to head to Jamaica and plan this wedding 🙂

Would you purchase your dress before booking your wedding?!?!

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