Wedding Wednesday: Making Your Guestlist


So here is one of the dreadful things in wedding planning, well let me rephrase it can be dreadful or it can be fun. If you don’t have a budget to work with well, you can invite everyone you know haha. But when there is a budget you are working with it makes it a little more difficult to decide who you are going to actually invite and who you are going to either cut or put in the back up list. Some people may take it personal but in all honesty if I haven’t seen you in years, why would you expect an invite? It doesn’t mean there is no love lost but you have to really review the people you want at your wedding. The biggest thing you have to remind yourself of is that this is your wedding. So you and your groom should do what makes you happy and not try to please everyone else.

That’s something that is at times hard for me to do. LOL I love to make everyone happy and I hate making people feel left out, but when that budget comes in to play you have to get real with yourself. You also have to work this out with your groom because if you guys are not communicating this through some real issues can come into play. Another big topic is who gets a plus one. Some people may want a plus one but reality is you don’t want to pay for someone you barely know. It is not to be mean but you really just want those you love and who have been around in support of your relationship.

There is nothing wrong with having a backup guest list, because reality is not everyone you invite will come and some may RSVP they are coming but emergencies do come up where they can’t make it for whatever reason last minute and you have space that is already paid for. The guest list is a tough one especially if you have big families, but I must say you cannot feel bad if there are family members you haven’t heard from in years and you don’t invite them. Remember you both should have those around who support your relationship and have been a part of it in someway. This is a time as a bride you shouldn’t feel guilty for any decisions you make, because there will always be someone having a comment or taking something personal. Also, keep in mind your parents may invite some people you don’t even know, so not only do you need that open communication with your groom but also the family to make sure you are all on the same page and no one is causing you to have to tell someone they aren’t invited after a parent already invited them.

The best way to keep track of your guest list I recently learned is the knot wedding guest book app! It is amazing! You can have all your guest by invitation and have their addresses saved so you are ready to go once you need to send out your save the dates and invites!

Stay Beautiful and take some deep breathes through out this process. You only want to enjoy every moment of it!

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  • Anna March 13, 2017 12:31 pm

    Haha good picture of a wedding guest management situation and yes, the best solution is to create a guest list and track every invitation and replies. I also know a resource that provide free guest list templates and sheets in excel and word. Both programs are easy to use and almost every know how to use them. So these templates can help in creating a customize guest list. Here is the link of that page:

    I know you will find it useful and i believe it must be a part of your guest management guide.

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