Where to get business cards made?


So I have been blogging for about 1 yr and a half and have been to a few conferences. Now as a Fashion Blogger, I came into the business with just a hobby mentality. I did not know the opportunities that came with starting a Fashion Blog. I made up a simple name and just started with no research, no plan, no nothing! I tend to be a big picture person and just take the risk and find out the details later. Not always a good thing lolol because I  have changed my blog a million times since I started. StyleisHer is definitely my final name and I am happy with it! Now the issue with changing my name so much and layout was my business cards were constantly changing! Every time I ordered a new batch I had to change it up again! Luckily I do work full-time to help with all my mistakes and invest in myself LOL I eventually learned that I needed to start learning more of the details in order to make this something bigger! I have come a long way from when I first started the blog! Now with coming a long means with my business cards as well! As a Fashion Blogger do you need business cards? ABSOLUTELY!

If you speak to someone you just met and you want them to follow your blog, most times they are not going to remember your site! You need those business cards handy at all times. Especially if you are trying to grow you blog traffic. You can use your social media but reality is they will like you social media pic but you have to drag that traffic to lead directly to your website.


Now how you decide you are going to design your card is completely up to you! You can hire someone to make your logo but if you are on a budget like me then you more than likely have to learn the tricks of the trade and go the more affordable routes. Now I created my own logo on Logogarden.com. It is really simple in creating it on that website you do not have to be a computer genius to put everything there. You pay $12 to buy the logo when you are done and are able to go in and fix the logo whenever they even have options to purchase custom shirts and products for advertising. When doing my business card I really wanted my logo to show so I did one side just my logo and the other side carried all the details. I made sure to put the website URL, my name, what I do on my blog, and my social media names. Fairly simple and nothing too complicated that when I hand it out no one understands. I also used Uprint.com to make my cards. They are fairly easy and I like how I can layout everything how I want. I have used previous sites that were too complicated to get the vision that I want. Check out the pics below and let me know if you have any questions on getting your business cards done.


“It’s not about your resources. It’s about your resourcefulness.” – unknown

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