Accessory Disarray!

Accessory Disarray!

Don’t you just love love love accessories! But it’s always annoying when they clutter up your room with no where to put them! Well here are some ideas that I use to organize because clutter drives me nuts!

1. You can use an old bookshelf to put your accessories, hair stuff, and in my case my organo gold coffee supply for customers LOLOL ;).. If u don’t have one target, Kmart, Walmart and amazon has a decent selection with decent prices!

2. Buy a cheap hang over the door set of hooks to keep ur scarves in tact! Scarves are a huge accessory of mine and I tend to have them all over my room! Now I can keep them in one place organized! $15 at target!

3. U can get an accessories organizer that fits in your closet and hangs slim with your clothes! Love this and mine is cheetah print ! $10 k-Mart! Best thing ever!

4. And last but not least buy a belt hanger! It is the best thing I ever invested in because it keeps all my belts together in on corner of my closet! $15 bed,bath,&beyond!

Organize your life! It makes you feel better when your feeling your life is all over the place! One step at a time! 😉

Mel x0x0

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