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How you been ?!?! I have been pretty damn awesome! LOL working and doing my thang! I have just been living life more lately and stepping out there. It feels good to push past insecurities and just live be me and enjoy life to the fullest. I had been going through some rough times lately internally and just life has been slowly falling into place as I have learned to shift my appreciate and live for today.

So story time about this baby blue awesome moto jacket I found! I went into Forever21 on a random Saturday, which I have been trying to avoid for some time now in order to save and budget my money. But anyway I walked in saw the jacket and was instantly reminded of my young days. When I was maybe around 10-11 my mom had the credit card to Limited Too, OMG that was my store! I would go in there an go crazy with the shopping! LOL Now I used to own this baby blue spring jacket from there that I thought I was the coolest ever rocking it because no one saw the beauty in wearing a jacket like that. I walk in Forever and am like how is this the style now! LOL I was so excited I could not leave the store without it. Let me know your thoughts on this baby blue moto!

IMG_2438_Fotor_Fotor IMG_2440_Fotor_Fotor IMG_2460_Fotor 2_Fotor


     IMG_2464_Fotor IMG_2470_Fotor_Fotor

! Shop the outfit !

Jacket: Forever21

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Old Navy

Sunglasses: Old Navy

Scarf: Express

“Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle” – unknown

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