Back to school bags

#heybooSo school started again! I know many are excited and some are just attending to satisfy their parents. Well here is some positivity coming your way and helping you shop for back to school bags in style! Some people see fashion as superficial and unnecessarily spending money, which I disagree because it is a connection with the inspiration of that designer. It helps us express our inner creativity through purchasing the smallest item to make us want to go to school and make use of it. Sometimes when you are unhappy or not excited to do things like work and school fashion is a way to make our statement and bring some excitement. I know when I purchase a bag I love and that fits me well it is everything to me because I will be putting it to great use. It kinda makes you believe you have a purpose going in a bag that says I am here, rather than just some bag I had in my closet. Express yourself and make an announcement this year! I hope you all have a great school year and face any fears from last year!
Back to school bags

Backpacks bag
$58 –

Sports bag

H M black purse
$50 –

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