I’m so Bronx!

Hey Hunnies,

So as you all know I am from the Bronx, New York, where things happen! Yep. Many people hear the Bronx and they run. My first experience outside of the Bronx was when I went to High School upstate. When I would tell girls I am from the Bronx they would look at me like “oh we don’t want to mess with her.” They automatically stereotyped me for being tough and not taking crap from anyone. Which this is a pretty close to accurate stereotype because growing up in the Bronx you see a lot and not many people are built strong enough to deal with the things you see and experience. I remember growing up fashion to us was wearing hoop earrings, Jordans or Timbs, NorthFace jackets, and Fitted’s. Your hair was always on point and you went to the Dominican salon’s weekly to get a new hair style with twisties and curls. Yes, that used to be me when I was young.. haha. I loved walking around with the biggest hoop earrings I can find a t-shirt, jeans, and my jordans with a matching color belt. Well my style here was inspired by how I used to dress with my style now. With this hot fitted I found at express that I thought was so Dope, I think it gave it that spunk! Such a simple outfit with the right touch of accessories! Check out below and let me know what you guys think! 😉



Jeans: Express

Jacket: Express || Similar

Tank Top: H&M

Sneakers: Steve Madden

Ring: H&M

Hat: Express

“Simple is the new black” – unknown


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