Budget shopping tips!

Budget shopping tips!

Hello my beauties,

So today’s topic is budget shopping! Now I follow quite a few boutiques on Instagram and its funny when you come across the same clothing on different sites for a variety of prices. The same way we search and use coupons at Shoprite and CVS is the same way we should search for prices and coupons on sites for clothing!  Always do your homework before you buy an expensive item because there is either a coupon code on retailmenot.com or you may find the same exact outfit on another site for a better price.

For instance in my previous post I referred you ladies to a site I love called CutieShey.com
Here is a dress and the price listed on their site…

They have this dress listed at $68.50

Now I came across another site that appears to have some cute items. I decide browse through their site and look what I run into!

Yes! the same exact dress listed at a price of $98!!!!! that is insane!

How crazy is that? Do your homework ladies before making a purchase. I usually get the name of the style I am going to buy and Google It! When you want something you don’t give up until you find exactly how you want it! A motto you should all live by from your wardrobe to your personal life 😉

Love ya! Happy Hump Day! and don’t forget to always do your homework!

Mel Co x0x0

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