Casual Summer to Fall transition OOTD


 Slowly but surely we are starting the transition from summer to fall on the east coast. I love these long trench vest. They are everything. I know you have seen this one more than once on this blog LOL but I mean what is the point of buying things if you can’t wear them more than once right?! Not for nothing though even if I had that money I wouldn’t be mad if I repeated outfits, especially my favorite ones that make me feel comfortable and confident.


This outfit below was literally put together last minute. My fiance, Mario, I am stating his name so I can stop saying fiance. LOL the word Fiance just isn’t appealing to me so I rather you guys get to know him as Mario. Any who, he called me from work on a day I was off and told me he was taking me out to dinner so I got ready last minute and threw on whatever. It is honestly just a simple tee and shorts I had from HM. Throwing on the trench vest made it the outfit it is. It was a warm day but also rainy, so you kind of had the humid moments but then out of nowhere it was chilly. This is why the trench vest was so perfect, because I get hot easily but also kept me slightly warm if there was a little chill outside.


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Top: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Trench Vest: Missguided

Gladiator Sandals: Charolette Russe

Choker: The Icing

Sunglasses: Gucci

Hair: Nume Wand 32 mm

“Fashion is instant language” – Miucci Prada

Love-Melissa co

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