Dress simple and still make a statement

Dress simple and still make a statement

Hey Lovers,
So I decided to take a different approach to this week. I just want to keep upgrading the blog the best that I can and give my readers what they want. I tend to get asked a lot of questions on how do I get my hair so perfect, what mascara do I use, what is my nightly facial routine. I tend to get just as frustrated with a lot of things in finding the right make up, or how to plan my outfit ahead of time, how I organize my closet in a small space, and the daily things many of us girls go through. As I learn I will be sharing with you guys every week. I love learning new tricks and tips so why not share with my readers what I do and how I do it. I also love DIY tricks so this will be my time to share my ideas and all the constant craziness that runs through my head with a new fashion idea. This will be my outlet to let my readers in on the behind the scenes and help solve fashion, beauty, organizing, hair care questions that we all tend to have.

When I am putting an outfit together I always start with what pair of pants I want to wear. Your bottom play a major roll in your outfit because depending on what mood you are in you know which pants, skirt, or dress are more comfortable and which ones make your butt look great.. haha! My style tends to be very simple if I have a crazy designed piece on it I like to have everything else solid colored. I don’t like mixing patterns although that seems to have become a trend I am not too big of a fan of it. I like my designed piece to pop from the rest of my outfit. For instance, If I am wearing a graphic t-shirt my blazer or sweater will be solid along with my bottom.

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If my clothes are simple colors then I love loud jewelry and a great bag to bring out the outfit. I always try to have at least one item on me that is like the game closer but for my outfit of course. LOL You can dress simple but still make a statement.

 ^ Link to previous post ^I hope you enjoyed my two tips for today.. stay tuned for my weekly post on new tips, tricks, DIY’s, and fashion addict problems!

“True style has the chance to emerge when you stop worrying what everyone else is doing, will think, or might say.. and do what makes your guts grin” – Unknown

Mel Co x0x0

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