Fashion Friday: Styling Faux Leather Joggers

Hey Hunnies!

Its that day of the week again! Fridaaayyyyy! Time for happy hour and dancing!! LOL I just wanted to share a quick post with you guys! This was one of my favorite outfits so far. I loved these Faux Leather Joggers! They are so cute and comfy. I absolutely love that sweatpants and heels are a trend today because in all honesty I love my sweatpants its the tomboy in me from when I was young. From sweatpants and Jordan’s to joggers and heels! Loving it! Also, my other favorite part of the outfit are these shoes I had picked up a while back while shopping the HM Isabel Marant Collection. Talk about showstoppers! Check out my outfit details below and have an amazing weekend! :p


 IMG_1615_Fotor IMG_1545_FotorIMG_1538_Fotor IMG_1576_Fotor IMG_1613_Fotor IMG_1583_Fotor  IMG_1630_FotorIMG_1623_Fotor

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Top: Forever21

Blazer: Forever21

Faux Leather Joggers: Karmacoutureboutique

Shoes: Isabel Marant HM Collection

Hat: Forever21

Necklace: H&M

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“Being stylish means .. STANDING OUT .. yet fitting in at the same time” – unknown

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