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Hey Lovers,
So I have been dying to share this with you all. I had been invited to my first fashion show as a blogger and it was so much fun. It was for Fashion Week Brooklyn and I had an amazing time. I feel what made the show so great was the talent and the idea that these designers have so much to offer the fashion industry. My favorite designer was definitely B. Gold NYC. They had an awesome line definitely my style and their men’s line had some fine pieces I would definitely love to see my man wear! When I actually went and checked out their website and history I fell in love with the fact that the head designer and founder, Winston B. Holder III,  came from the architect industry and was able to use his technical skills and creativity to design a clothing line. It inspires me knowing that being creative can lead to great things and you can follow your passion to make a great career for yourself! So let me get back to the fashion show.. Here are some pics from the show and their line. I tried my best and after this show realized I need to invest in a better camera and so I did LOL So next set of pictures will be much better 😉
 This blazer was my favorite i love the white with the camel color it gives it a nice touch and makes it stand out. The blue t-shirt goes perfect with it as well! The picture is a little blurry but as long you can see the outfit and why this was my favorite piece.
There was also a special guest model for B Gold NYC, Rapper Prodigy who is a Brooklyn native. Its great to see he still supports his community.
 At the end of the show I was able to meet with the business partner of B. Gold NYC and was able to speak with him and express how much I loved their line!
If you actually like some of the pieces I have definitely Check out their line
website is
Like their –> FacebookPage
Subscribe to their –>Youtube Channel <– for live footage
! Outfit Detail Links !
Blazer: H&M Similar
Pants: H&M
Clutch: Forever21
Necklace: Express
Mel Co x0x0

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