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HIIIII! HOW ARE YOUUU?!?!?! I miss you guys! I went on vacay and just lost track of time and if you follow my social media you will also see I recently got engaged to the love of my life! It has been an exciting few weeks that has kept me away from social media. I have just been trying to enjoy life and get myself together. In all honesty after getting engaged it was like something woke up in me, and I feel so ready for all the blessings I have worked my ass off for to come! It was like I woke up feeling I deserve more than I have been allowing myself to receive. It is complicated to explain over a blog post, but I am so ready to commit to my dreams and bring them to life. We can go further in detail in a girl chat post later this week but just had to share the amazing news!

Yellow Spring Flowers

In today’s post I am showcasing this leather mini skirt I purchased a while ago in a store called Windsor. This is a store I have only seen in large malls but they definitely have some cute items in there if you ever come across it. So a funny story behind this skirt, I saw it in the window and was like this is so dope! I ran in to see if they have my size and they only had large! I asked the associate who works there for the mannequin size and she said medium, so I was like I have big enough hips why not try it on. Another lady asked the girl right after me, and I was like phew thank god I asked first LOL so I got first dibs on it. It also fit me perfectly so there was no hesitation in purchasing. The crazy part of the story is the lady was waiting outside my dressing room to see if it fit me LOL! Lesson learned when shopping, if you have got your eye on something go for it, even if you don’t buy it. I’d rather make the decision not to buy it and have seen it on than to have someone steal it because I hesitated! Then you are forever stuck with the feeling after of what if I bought it or what if it looked great on me, just go for it girl!

Camel Faux Leather skirt Mini Leather skirt   Faux leather skirt Faux leather skirt! Where I purchased !

Shirt: Joyce Leslie

Skirt: Windsor


Sunglasses: Express

Let me know your funny shopping experiences down in the comments below!


“Kindness is always fashionable.” – unknown

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