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Just stating my #heyBoo applies to guys too! As this post might be more for the fellas who are not sure what to get their lady, or the ladies who are unsure what to get their lady as well! Christmas can actually become so stressful, especially if you are a person who loves to get good gifts. This year is a tough one for me financially but I am still finding my ways to get everyone a little something. Since I am a shopaholic and I have no patience., this means that I buy what I want when I want, and cannot wait for Christmas to roll around to get what I want LOL So this post is dedicated for my females who are so complicated to buy a gift for because you tend to provide yourself with everything you want and need. Now we are the type of girls that you have to think outside the box for. For instance, since I have my clothes, shoes, accessories, etc it makes getting a simple material item more complicated. Secretly I love this because it shows when people put thought into your gift, and pay attention to the things you say.

See my list below of different ideas to help you think outside the box!


  1.  Get her some Broadway show tickets! It is always a great idea to schedule a fun activity for each other. It’s  also a win for you technically because you get to enjoy the gift you purchases as well! Check out to see all upcoming shows!

2.Plan a vacation! I mean a Christmas gift does not have to a material item for unwrapping. It can be some tickets to a nice all inclusive during one of those winter months. Ugh I haven’t been on a vacation in a long time and would die if I unwrapped vacation tickets to the caribbean! LOL A great site for this is

3. Is her favorite singer, performer on tour?! Surprise her with concert tickets! That is always a great idea! My hunny surprised me with tickets to see Alicia Keys a few years and back and we still talk about how that is the best concert we have been to, and we have been to a few since! haha. Just a note did she just become a belieber?! I know he will be on tour this coming year!

4. Jewelry. A girl can have everything but if none of the above will suffice so far then try getting Jewelry. Now I am not talking about the cheap jewelry us girls buy for outfits, but a fine piece of real gold jewelry. A girl can never have too much jewelry and she always needs those real pieces for those special occasion nights! You definitely have your jeweler! If not Pandora is always a great item to add to her collection.

5. Try thinking outside of the box! Maybe she is not into any of the above but loves adventure, Groupon is my BFF for adventure!  Now if you are just dating this girl for like a month, please do not use groupon LOL it looks cheap. I am talking to my guys who have been with their woman for at least a few months. Just spending some time together and taking time out of your busy schedule to make her feel special and actually surprise her and plan something special is great! You don’t have to wait until valentine’s day to be spontaneous and renew that spark between you and her. Some great groupons ideas are spa days, helicopter rides, dinner cruises, etc. You get the idea! Now stop wasting time! Christmas is next week you better get to it!

Men treat your ladies right everyday not just during the holidays! I hope my mini guide can help those with a women who has it all! Feel free to contact me for any ideas you need help with 😉 –>

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