How to appear slimmer with what you wear


Hope your day is going well! So Today I wanted to give you the top pieces of clothing that can help accentuate those curves and appear slimmer! We all go through those moments, especially that time of the month where you may be a little more bloated than usual.

Peplum – The peplum top is everything! It is perfect for the women who are a little bigger on top because it accentuates those womanly curves! I love how they come in all different styles you can get a sweatheart top which give a little sexiness, you can get a halter top, regular top, etc. This has also become such a popular style that they sell pretty much everywhere. There is not one store you won’t find at least one peplum.


Highwaist pants and skirts – This definitely accentuates the body! They also hide any love handles or that pouch us ladies get below the belly. They have different types of high waist whether is it pants or skirts. If you wear high waist jeans it looks cute with a nice crop top or if you are a bit heavier on top it looks nice with a loose crop or you can throw a blazer over it to dress it up and make it look stylish and presentable.

high waist pants and skirt

Charlotte Russe || HM || MISSGUIDED || ASOS

Corset and body shapers – These are the perfect items to wear under your outfit if you are really trying to cover up all those love handles and put it all in place. Body shapers are more like undergarments where you can wear than instead of your bra and underwear. We have corsets which you can pull off under your shirt. Today a lot of them are called waist trainers but real corsets you can wear as a shirt the way they come designed. There are different ways you can add them to your wardrobe and style while slimming out those imperfections. Not to say we shouldn’t love our imperfections but its nice to have the options to help slim out for that perfect outfit.

bod saper and corsetAMICLUBWEAR || HM || FOREVER21

Bodysuits – Girl, bodysuit’s are in right now so you’re in luck! They keep everything in place and look extremely cute with a pair of jeans or nice skirt. One tip I have is to definitely buy bodysuits with a hook in the bottom area so when you go to the bathroom you don’t have to struggle with taking everything off together! But if you can’t find and like a style, well then suck it up and deal ! Being fashionable can be comfortable but sometimes that outfit that looks amazing you have to put up with the minor annoyances LOL


Vertical stripes – I had learned this one time when I purchased a horizontal striped skirt and realized how wider my hips looked in pictures, when I already have wide hips to begin with. I noticed with vertical stripes it gives the appearance of being leaner since it is not pointing focus to width but rather length.

vertical stripes

Dark colored clothing – Ok so this is a basic one that everyone know’s which is why I left it last! BLACK IS EVERYTHING WHEN WANTING TO APPEAR SLIMMER! But you can also use dark colors such as navy blue, brown, red, etc. I believe this is why everyone’s favorite season is fall! LOL aside from the whether the clothes are the best part. I love all the dark neutral colors.


“Style isn’t about the glam and constantly looking beautiful, but finding a way to express that inner beauty on the outside” – StyleisHer

Stay Beautiful 😉

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