How to dress for an Interview

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how to dress for interview

As you know March is Women’s History Month and with that said I want to spread the word of Empowerment! This term gets thrown around loosely today since it is a major theme in society, I feel many use it without knowing the meaning behind it! This word means to not bash, talk bad, or beat down other women for your self confidence, but rather to be confident enough to know you can cheer them on while you work for yours as well. There is more than enough room for all of us women to grow and become successful in our own path. I decided to do a post on how to dress for an interview so you can land that dream job of yours.

Dressing for an interview is just the first part of landing the job, and in Corporate America first impressions are everything. You want to have a nice clean simple look. Make sure you are well prepared the night before. Here are a few tips below in prepping for the big interview.

  1. Get a good nights rest! You need to give the best version of yourself so you don’t want to feel sluggish and blah, you want to feel refreshed and upbeat!

2. Do your homework on the company the night before. Find details on the history that you can relate to in speaking to your interviewer, it shows why you feel you are a good fit for the company if you understand their mission statement. It also gives you points in showing you took the extra step in learning about their business.



3. Be sure to have at least 5 copies of your resume printed and a nice simple folder to keep them in separately.





4. Wash your hair the night before, you don’t want it to look greasy or have any dandruff showing.

5. Make sure you don’t have chipped paint from your nail polish, if you do, either get a manicure or just take off the nail polish in general.

6. Iron that outfit the night before, you never know what could make you run late the next day and having your outfit ready to go shortens the time spent getting dressed in the morning.

Interview Ready


7. Speaking of not knowing what could make you run late, be sure to set that alarm before bed! Also, calculate the time it would take to reach your destination and include possible traffic that can occur to ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview begins.

See below for some outfit Inspo on how you can dress stylish but interview ready below!

Dress for an Interview1

! Shop the Look !

Honestly I purchased everything from H&M haha! They have a great affordable career section in their store and I am sure you can find some quick stylish finds! I will put some links down below to make shopping much easier for you, if you are last minute shopping for a quick outfit!

Tops: White Collar shirt || Simple Blouse

Pants/ Skirts: Pants || Skirt

Blazer: Black Blazer  || Fashionable Blazer

Shoes/ Booties: Booties || Flats (for the casual interview) || Shoes

Bags: Simple Black Purse || Stylish simple purse

Jewelry: Earrings || Necklace || Watch

I hope I made your interview experience easier. If you have any further questions or would like me to cover more information regarding Interviews let me know down on the comments. I have been on quite a few interviews from wall street to fashion companies, so I have a good idea as to what hiring managers are looking for!

Oh, and Stay Beautiful! 😉


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