Is it BE-BE or BéBé


A little #FashionFriday never hurt nobody !! HAHA! Hope you all are having a great day! I am definitely off from work and am super excited about it LOL It is supposed to be nice over here in the east coast so my pale behind will be at the beach catching some rays! I actually was able to head out to the city and take a few shots! I absolutely loved it! It’s like fresh new pics for the blog! I haven’t been able to post outfits in a while so here we go some last minute fashion inspiration that I pulled together! I love the high waist skirts and crop tops. It’s just my thing! As you previously know I have been loving that denim is in! I went to Bebe, which I have a funny story that I will get into later, but yes I went in bebe and saw this high waist denim skirt. The material has spandex in it and I absolutely fell in love! LOL it’s really hard to find a cute comfortable denim skirt, especially with the right material and fit. The best part is I got it on sale! It was originally $120 and I got it for $50 which I feel is a great price considering the quality of the skirt. I try to buy affordable and re-style what I already have in my closet to save money, but  sometimes when you come across a denim skirt that fits you perfect you cannot leave without it!

So about my funny story, when I first heard of BeBe, my Hispanic self would call it BéBé LOL I legit argued with a girl once on the name because my stubborn self truly believed that “BéBé” was the true way to pronounce it! HAHA turns out I was wrong, but now I say it correctly! Moral of the story is to make sure you got your facts straight before arguing for 20 minutes about the name of a fashion brand! LOL

Any who check out my last minute look I pulled together re-using some pieces in my closet! I am the person who works best at the last minute. The more I plan ahead the worse things are for me LOL! I will never understand!

I will link my previous post as well down below so you can see alternatives ways of wearing different pieces from my look below!

Bebe skirt

I definitely wanted to mix it up with the colors my pink shades and turquoise Ralph Lauren clutch! I thought they look cute together! What are your thoughts?!?!IMG_4210_Fotor IMG_4217_Fotor IMG_4221_Fotor IMG_4223_Fotor IMG_4240_Fotor IMG_4250_FotorShirt: H&M || Previous post

Skirt: Bebe

Clutch: Ralph Lauren || Previous post

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Shoes: LoLaShoetique

Earrings: Forever 21

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