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I am finally able to post for you! Yay! So this week I am not sure if it’s mercury in retrograde or what but it has been ridiculous at work. I try to remind myself others are struggling to land a good position and appreciate I have a good job and I am good at my job, but I can easily tell you this isn’t my forever job! LOL I am learning the concept of working smarter and not harder. I hear of many people in corporate who give years to the company and then they just get let go off so easily. I see employees who get hired and are so not qualified for the position, but as sad as it sounds corporate is so superficial. For years I was going on interview after interview to land a good job that will secure my future, when all along I should have realized the beauty within myself to create my own job! But everything happens for a reason and I feel where I am in life right now I am able to go out there and pursue my dreams confidently! Now what I learned this week is that you can’t let the dreary of your 9-5 stop you, balance is the key. You have to get your ass up on your “off days” to work on that dream, because it is not going to be handed to you, and if it is you are only going to get the leftovers from those who hustled. I was listening to a Kevin Hart interview the other day and this saying stood out to me “many people are afraid not to make money for 7 months to be well off the rest of their life.” How freaking true is that! It is a scary thing when you have bills to pay and you don’t have someone to hold it down for you but it made me think “how many are afraid to work extra hard for a year or two and live broke to one day make their dream their day job” That’s how I see it.

Now in spite of this post being an outfit post it leads into this JLO inspired outfit. She is the epitome of hard work so the idea behind this post and my outfit just makes me think of her. She has been criticized for her many relationships and still has worked her ass off to get where she is today and I feel it is now, years later that she is beginning to really get the recognition she deserves. I love to hear of women who face battle and come out stronger, it keeps me believing in myself to keep fighting through until my dreams turn into reality!

Ok so about this outfit I was taking my little cousin shopping at Forever21 and I was helping her get some outfits and then i saw this fur coat and I wasn’t really sure if I would like it so I passed by it but we kept ending up in the area and I was like let me just try it out. It was like the God’s from heaven were singing LOLOL It fit so perfect and I was like I can’t leave without it! When I put my outfit together it made me feel so fabulous that I was like I feel like JLO with all her fur coats. See below for outfit Deets!

Lancome Love Rouge


  IMG_1833_Fotor IMG_1837_Fotor

Shoes/ Jeans/ Shirt/ Jacket


“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends” – unknown

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