Matching Couple Outfit Idea

Hey Huns,
So its been a few days and boy I must say so much has happened. A lot of good possibilities coming my way so I’m keeping my fingers crossed and working hard 🙂 I will keep you all updated if things work out for me! So do you ever go out and see couples dressed to the tee and matching well. Well I did a fun photo shoot with my beau, Mario, to show you guys how we do it. We tend to get compliments often, which of course you know who the stylist is, haha. I mean sometimes we actually don’t even talk to each other about our outfits and tend to get dressed like “hey we are matching” LOL That kind of happened on this day, I literally changed my outfit like 20 times. I legit hate when that happens and you just don’t feel right in anything you are wearing. So it came down to this and so happened to match Mario. LOL. Hope you like and if you would like to see more post on affordable fashions for men comment below. I will definitely work on making that happen. 🙂
       ! Links to Both Outfits !
        Women                                                                       Men
                          Blazer: H&M                                                         Leather: Forever21
               Dress: H&M                                                             Shirt: Express
                           Necklace: H&M (In Store) || Similar                               Tie: Macy’s Calvin Klein
                                      Scarf: Express                                                        Pants: Macy’s Kenneth Cole
            Shoes: Aldo                                                         Shoes: Aldo
“Your Heart is Free, Have the Courage to Follow it”- Braveheart
Mel Co x0x0

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