Black? Yes please!


It’s Friday!

::Does happy dance::

One day you will see the happy dance when I decide to finally make my way to youtube! haha!

It’s my favorite day of the week. Let me further explain. Friday it’s like you go to work still and you do your thing after work but the thought of not waking up super early the next day is everything! (Man I really wish I could use emoji’s on this thing!) I love to type how I text and I am a serial emoji texter with a lot of LOL and LMAO. It’s also dress up casual Friday for me! Where I finally do my hair for work and hook up my makeup in the morning, I might actually wear cute shoes rather than my everyday flat boots! Usually when I think of that cute appropriate outfit for work it ends up being black. Don’t Lie you know black somehow always comes out of your closet when you are looking for something to wear too! LOL I love black its the best color ever! I recently went shopping at the Guess outlet and saw this T-shirt. I loved the whole concept the different languages of love and the mesh on top of it! So cute! I’m obsessed with different types of t-shirts because you can dress them up and dress them down! They are just the best versatile piece of clothing!





! Shop the outfit !

Jacket: H&M

Leggings: Express

Purse: Call it Spring

Shoes: LolaShoetiqueDolls

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelet: H&M

“Women who wear black lead colorful lives” – Neiman Marcus


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