One Shoulder Color Block Love!

So I had my boyfriends mother’s 60th birthday party recently and wanted to share my outfit! I actually had a hard time finding a dress because I wanted something affordable but classy and cute! Well I went shopping in every store in the city that I can think affordable and felt the few things I liked they didn’t have my size or it was too sexy for a 60th birthday party. Finally I gave into express and decided to check out what they had even though I know they can be pricey. So I ran into this dress and fell in love last minute the day before the party! It was perfect! Now luckily I remembered to check out for coupon codes through my phone while I was on line at the store LOL. I definitely got $30 off which doesn’t sound like a lot but makes a difference for sure so I was happy with that! Here are some pics from that day and my outfit! 🙂
I felt the dress what enough just itself and so I kept it very simple with the jewelry to make it more elegant and classy! I love the choice of color blocking they used with the half beige and black!
Dress: Express // Necklace: Express // Shoes: Charolette Russe

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – unknown

If they want to judge you for you let them! You just then made an impact on them 😉
Mel Co x0x0

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