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Here we are Monday again! The beginning to another week and another chance to learn from the mistakes of the previous week. This weekend was a inspiring one for me. I took a lot of time digging deep researching and just really focusing on who I am. I have been going through this journey of defining myself since I have started this blog. It has been such an inspiring journey as I share with you all my style and learning to own who I am are as a person. There are very few people in my life who know the real me and for some reason I never owned it the way that I should. The fact that these people truly love me and care for me makes me feel why should I hide it from the world. I’ve learned self-discovery is the secret to happiness and also allows you to be free and more confident in your own skin. There will always be someone ready to judge and tell you what is imperfect about you. That’s why when you learn your strength’s and your weakness’s their words and thoughts can no longer phase you. That is my message with this blog. It is my whole purpose that I want to get through to young girls and even women who tend to struggle still with owning who they are. Fashion was my outlet in this journey. Learning to not care what anyone has to say and going for my dreams. I was very insecure in the beginning of the blog and I didn’t even know it. I now have grown to love myself, flaws and all. I still have some kinks i’m working on girl, don’t think for a second I am perfect because I am just like you. I felt the need to share this as I started writing this post to show my outfit but instead my fingers just ended typing what I am truly feeling today as I write this. I want others to know that if I can fight to become a better woman everyday you can too. I am here to inspire and share my story with you all through my style. This is the whole purpose for the name StyeisHer, because she owns it!

So check out this outfit below. I felt inspired to write this post with this outfit because I noticed how real and genuine my smile is in the pics below. I can see the genuineness, if that is a word LOL, in my eyes. Plus i really like this outfit and the details! Houndstooth print just never goes out of style for me! I am also obsessed with this top I purchased at express with the lace and leather detailing. Check out below and let me know your thoughts!




IMG_1632_Fotor IMG_1639_Fotor


! Shop the outfit !

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Express

Bag: Mandees

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Forever21

“Self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it. and Own it” – unknown

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