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Hey Boos,

Hope you are all staying warm in the East Coast. It is freezing out there! I hate this weather because it will begin to warm up and then drop to like 0 degrees outside. I have to say I love to see snow every year but by the second snowstorm I am so over it! LoL But I love New York so I have to suck it up and stop complaining right? haha

In other news today’s blog post was fun. A different look for me. I don’t usually wear plaid but I fell in love with this Ralph Lauren shirt because it had cut out shoulders! How cute! A sexy plaid shirt .. definitely me! I have to spice up the things I wear it can’t just be loose. If I have on loose I like to show my curves and wear a tight shirt or some accessory to make it pop. I feel if you wear things right according to your body you don’t have to always be so conservative, covered, and not showing what your made of. There is nothing wrong with styling outfits and spicing them up a bit. I have a boyfriend and I like to keep him surprised and entertained with what I wear. Not being boring with my clothes and expressing myself is one way of me not becoming boring and uninteresting in my relationship. Something to think about for my ladies in long-term relationships!

Any who I hope you enjoy my post and check out how I styled this fab plaid shirt! 😉

IMG_0605_Fotor   IMG_0612_Fotor  IMG_0616_Fotor




Plaid Shirt: Ralph Lauren || Actual shirt for sale

Under Tank: Forever21

Jeans: Express

Boots: Call it Spring

Belt: Forever21

Necklace: Mandee’s || Similar

Bracelet: Victoria’s Secret || Similar

Bag: Afaze || Similar


“Never Loose your creativity and inner child, It can only allow your wardrobe to become boring”

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