Poncho’s and a New Year on the way

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New Year’s is right around the corner and we are still able to rock a poncho! That is bazaar for New Yorker’s I tell you! But I am not complaining because I am enjoying not wearing my winter coat yet. Although, I definitely purchased a nice warm coat considering my commute requires a mile walk to and from the train LOL When you have to make that money you have to do what you have to do.. Right?! Well speaking of which, with New Year’s around the corner my mind tends to review this past year and write out what needs to improve for the new year. Normally people make resolutions and that’s great because I used to do the same, but what I have been through this past year has just led me to making life changes. Literally on all areas my social life, work life, and physical and mental life. I have started these changes already but change does not happen over night. In 2016 my motto is letting go of fear and taking risk., Believing in myself more than anyone has believed in me and accepting the change God has blessed me with. In 2015 I went through a lot of growing pains and am still going to be learning as 2016 rolls in, but all that I have learned in 2015 I am taking with me to keep on improving myself to be the best version of me I can be. I’ve learned I only want to surround myself with those who lift me higher, keep it real, and empower me as I will do for them.  It’s all about winning together. We all have dreams and if we do our part we can for sure make them come true! I’ve learned the difference between those who are there for the ride and those who truly want to see you win. So I want to toast to the new year and making life changes, not resolutions! Resolutions are meant to last for the month of January, life changes are meant to upgrade your life and those in it!


Any who I wanted to share this look because I bought this poncho at a store I normally never shop at. Since I am petite their clothes at New York and Company tend to run big on me. Well this poncho was the perfect fit and extremely stylish! The faux leather detailing was the perfect touch. I get skeptical when buying sweaters also because I hate the itchy cheap sweater feel. I obviously can’t afford to wear all cashmere sweaters so I work with what I can, but affordable clothing has definitely made it’s way in their quality. The ribbed knit has been in this season and I love it! I have a few skirts that are that material and they are super cute and stylish! You can check out one of the skirts in a previous post >> Here <<

Before we end our chat let me know in the comments below if you too are preparing for some major upgrade life changes!

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, love filled New Year!


DSC03625_Fotor DSC03627_Fotor DSC03631_Fotor

! Shop the Look with below links !

Poncho: New York & Company // Jeans: Express // Shirt: H&M // Booties: H&M // Purse: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Express //

Nails: Gel Nail polish – Perfect Match (Mi Amour)

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams” – unknown

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