Quick, Comfortable Summer Styling


It’s Friday and I am doing my happy dance at 5:30 pm today! LOL It’s been a crazy few months for me as you can tell I have not been as consistent with the blog as I planned. It drives me nuts when I am not blogging, I feel so uneasy and out of wack. Do you ever feel like that? It’s like if I stop it’s constantly in the back of my mind, haunting me until I get it dont. Blogging is something I truly enjoy doing, so when I stop it like throws me off balance because I feel like I’m cheating on myself and my readers. So I just had to get that off my chest because it doesn’t feel right just pretending to come on my blog and not speak about the fact I have been MIA. LOL. Oh yes before I forget, I finally moved!! YAY! LOL the worst part is over now I am just finishing up getting settled and should officially be back on track with the blog! Isn’t that the best news today?!?! haha I will also be sharing my new place with you all once it’s finished! Maybe a youtube video perhaps?!?! 🙂


So let’s speak about these linen pants! Can you say COM-FOR-TA-BLE!!!! ugh I love dressing comfortable with style. I like to wear my heels and all but just being able to throw on a simple crop top and comfy pants with my flats is everything! In all reality I am a sweatpants girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE SWEATPANTS! Actually I love pants in general LOL I wear skirts but not as often as many ladies I know! I am the girl who loves to dress comfortable with an edge, but don’t underestimate it because I clean up very well when I do throw on those skirts and dresses! This is the perfect outfit if you are heading out to a last minute BBQ or going out to chill with your friends. You just can’t go wrong with these pants they are everything! The fit is perfect too! I have big hips so normally pants like that are tight on me instead of fitting right. I also just threw in some necklaces I had in the closet to dress it up a bit. It was literally a last minute outfit to go to a BBQ party but ended up not going and took pictures for you guys to get inspired. Share your thought’s below. I love to hear from my readers so I know what you guys like or don’t like! Don’t be shy! Leave some love!

DSC02750_Fotor  DSC02755_FotorDSC02752_Fotor

Crop Top: ArdenB. || Similar // Pants: Random boutique in California // Sunglasses: Express|| Similar // Shoes: Forever21 // Necklace: Call it Spring

“Learn from YESTERDAY, live for TODAY, hope for TOMORROW” – Albert Einstein

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