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It’s been a week! ahhh! How dare I not write a blog post! I hope my North East folks are keeping warm with the “crazy blizzard” we had. LOL Not complaining because I did get a snow day and my job never closes for snow so, I’ll take it. I wanted to work on my blog so bad yesterday but just really wanted to take a day and be a tv junkie in a cozy bed. I mean I’m allowed to do so, aren’t I? I know they say the hustle never sleeps and I so agree but if you don’t take a moment for yourself you will go nuts! LOL I have been on the go everyday and now on the weekends too, I have been taking sewing classes at MOOD Fabrics for FREE! Yep I said it for FREE! You know I see the word free and I’m like sign me up, I mean I think anyone would say sign me up! I will give more info on this when I am done with my beginner class I will post up a pic of the bag I make! I am so excited to make my own bag! If you are interested for yourself to take classes definitely check out their site and register ASAP! –>www.moodfabrics.com

So about today’s chill outfit! Story behind this, I bought this vest for my younger cousin for Christmas and I wasn’t sure she would like it because she’s not a big Ralph Lauren fan and she’s very picky, but when she tried it on I was like Ooh I need to buy one! LOL Then it turned into my other cousin and mom wanting one too! We all were like how cute and comfy! I love the touch of the fur it makes it so chic and not a plain bubble vest. I decided to bring back the denim over denim look with my COMBATIES! These combat boots are my everything! They are like my go to for work especially in the morning when I don’t know what to wear. Check out the outfit below and let me know your thoughts!

IMG_1844_Fotor IMG_1848_Fotor IMG_1877_Fotor IMG_1884_Fotor IMG_1895_Fotor

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Bubble Vest: Ralph Lauren

Denim Shirt: H&M

Jeans: Forever21

Combat boots: Charlotte Russe

Sunglasses: Call it Spring

“Unique and different is the next generation of beautiful” – Taylor Swift

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