Red Booties and alter egos


Happy Hump Day! Wednesdays are a little tricky because its like you half way there but your still not there! LOL But on the positive side they are a little more brighter at work compared to Monday and Tuesday. Actually have you seen the meme that says “Even the calendar says WTF after Tuesday.” That is like one of my favorites haha!


So any who about this outfit, I saw these red booties and were instantly obsessed, I mean what else is new with me and my shopping addiction! I have been on a tight budget but sometimes you just have to jump out from that comfort zone and buy them. I usually put thought into purchasing like can I wear this with more than one outfit. Red isn’t a shoe you wear with just any outfit but it most definitely is worth having a hot red pair of heels. Red is like my alter ego color, Veronica. She is fierce, confident and doesn’t care what anyone has to say. If you get in the way of her goals she will push right through. For this look I decided to keep it cool and down to earth, it;s my sexy side mixed with my NY bronx girl! I mean why not sometimes you can just rock girlfriend jeans and sexy booties with a crop!

Random thought, not for nothing if you live on the East Coast isn’t is so weird we are still have nice weather in Novermber?!? I mean I’m not complaining at all, but it is strange for this time of the year!

IMG_3427_Fotor IMG_3442_Fotor IMG_3448_Fotor  IMG_3464_Fotor IMG_3469_Fotor IMG_3486_Fotor

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Crop Top: Arden B. || Alternate look

Girlfriend Jeans: Express

Red Booties: LoLaShoetique

Belt: Express || another way to style this belt

Hat: Express || another way to style the hat

Lipstick: Mac Ruby Woo

LipLiner: Mac Brick

“To Love- oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” – Oscar Wilde

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