Remixing Metallics


It’s Fashion Friday Dolls! You know what that means! My hair is done for work and my weekend look is on and popping. HAHA. So with the holidays coming up I took my New Years Skirt from last year and remixed with a fun party look. I love this skirt because it is so flashy that you can just wear a t-shirt and it still looks great! I paired it with some fun bold accessories and my cute jacket from my Bronx New York post. Sometimes you have to take whats in your closet and switch it up. I love to buy versatile pieces for that reason! I have to keep it funky fresh for when I go out. I don’t like to have the same look over and over. Remixing outfits can be fun and helps with your creativity especially when its the holidays and budgeting your money comes into play! Check out my outfit below and let me know your thoughts on this remix.

New Years Eve Post

Bronx New York Fashion Post






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T-Shirt: Guess

Skirt: Isabel Marant HM Collection

Purse: Mandees

Shoes: Collin Stuart Victoria Secret

Necklace: Forever 21

Infinity Bead Bracelet: Nicolets

“Life’s a party dress like it” – unknown

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