Riding in Dirty Jersey

Hey Boos,
I know its been quite a few days I have been super busy with work and working on some photography for the blog! Also have some up coming events I have been gathering things up for you and don’t want to spoil anything! So my this post is more biker chick! It was wild and something different and I had fun doing this one. I got to take a ride on the bike which I never do! LOL I get nervous but when I was on it gave me kind of an adrenaline and I was ready for more! I don’t think I would go too far on the bike because I did feel like I was going to fly off since I wasn’t the one driving. (You must be crazy if you thought I was the one driving it LOL) But any who it was fun with my family in New Jersey we always have a good time over there and so it inspired me to do my shoot on the bike! The bike was red too which I love, its such a sexy color! But before I keep rambling on here are my outfit details!
Sneaker Wedges: Steve Madden
Leather Jacket: Express
Bracelets: Charolette Russe
Always stay true to yourself .. Never let them take away your shine” –
 Mel Co x0x0

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