RocksBox Style Review


Happy Thursday!!  I have a special treat for you all as I recently tried this new company called rocksbox and it is the perfect monthly subscription for all my jewelry lovers! Each month you are assigned a stylist who will send you three designer jewelry pieces on loan each month. It is $19 a month and you basically get 3 pieces of jewelry and send back each month for a new set! You begin by creating an account at and taking the shine insider survey so your stylist has an idea what kind of style you have.You can also add pieces to your wishlist so your stylist can actually send you a piece you love!


 I love this idea since sometimes you need specific pieces for just one occassion and don’t want to spend $20 on that one necklace at the store! For my first box I recieved a beautiful statement necklace, traingle studs with pearls in them and a simple gold cuff bracelet that can match almost any outfit and can layer with other pieces. I had actually put all these pieces in my wishlist so i was excited to have recieve pieces I actually wanted because I can be a very picky person ,(Did I say I can be? I mean I am a picky person LOL) when it comes to shopping. Check out the below and sign up for your very own RocksBox subscription with one month free using my code “styleisherxoxo“.






“Remember why you started any journey in life .. It will refuel the passion ” – Melissa Co

Stay Beautiful 😉

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