Romper Blues


How is life?! How have you been?! So much has happened in life the past few months. I did a few vacations, I got engaged, and I have just been living life. I recently had an epiphany at how hard I can be on myself especially when it comes to my career and wanting to pursue my dreams. I felt like I just needed a break from it all to allow myself to grow a little and make way to get inspired and let my creative side make it’s way again. I was really in a bad space with myself and overwhelmed with work these passed couple of months that I felt like I lost the inspiration and motivation behind my blog. I was just doing it out of routine and that is never fun, I started this blog to inspire others and so I needed to take time and get back to that. Honestly after my engagement in Jamiaca, it really made me realize I need to take time to love myself more and treat myself better than I had been. I started going to the gym, reading again, and just getting back to that part of me that just felt happy no matter what today’s situation may be.

I spent loads of time with family this summer and just enjoying life. Living in the present moment made me realize how blessed I am. Learning to not stress myself so much and to just have fun today while pursuing my dreams and goals, has been a major mindset shift for me in the sense where I no longer let the little things take over my day. I feel no matter how many times you have to hit the reset button on yourself, make sure you do so because if you aren’t checking in with yourself and your happiness then you aren’t living to your fullest potential and growing as a person.

Hot Miami Styles Romper

Any who, now that we are back to the inspired, happy go lucky Melissa I once knew, we started having some fun times this summer! During the stay cation part of my vacation, my 12 year old brother came to stay with me in New York for a month. It was so much fun, I love that guy! My mom also came up to New York to spend a week with us and it was her and my aunt’s birthday. Since it was ladies night out and we couldn’t help but stop by one of the top Drag queen shows in the city. We went to LIP’s down in NYC and had such a fun night, the ladies there are amazing. I also recommend the penne a la vodka with chicken, it was delish! We also went to a rooftop lounge that night after the show called The Attic, which made the whole night. I definitely recommend both places if you are coming to visit NY and looking for a good time! Here is a little OOTN from that night!

Hot miami styles romper HMS styles Romper! Shop the look !

Romper: Hot Miami Styles

Shoes: WantMYLOOK // Similar

Wristlet: Michael Kors

HMS romper

“Think positive, Be positive, and positive things will happen” – unknown

 Love-Melissa co

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  • Francheska September 19, 2016 4:35 pm

    Beautiful, girl! Love that romper and the color looks amazing on you!

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