Rompers and Trenches


Oh my god you don’t say! There goes that damn Trench vest again that she can’t stop wearing! HAHA Yup I will admit it .. I fell in looove with a Trench Vest! ::T.Pain voice:: LOL Let me stop!


Any who I hope my beautiful dolls have been well! As for me?! well I’m ok, just been working on some inspiration for this post since this weekend is about to be 60 degrees in New York! It’s December and I just purchased my new heavy duty coat for the cold but apparently can’t wear it yet! I mean I can’t complain when does New York ever have 60 degree weather this time of the year! Well, this outfit works perfect for the weekend! If you got any plans like brunching or birthday events, this is definitely a hot option! This long sleeve romper I found at Forever 21 in the clearance section and girl after seeing JLO in the yellow dress at the AMA’s I was like yaaassss!!! LOL the mustard color is so in and so fashionable! Love Love Love it! Also we all know how old these over-the-knee boots are! haha They have been down with me for a while now and still going strong! The best investment of $40 I ever made at Forever 21, hands down! I normally buy boots for winter but more than likely will have to purchase another pair by the next winter because I wear them out. I must say these boots have been through the trenches with me and make any outfit look dope!

So I am going to bring up my little insecurity because I know I have some curvy girl readers as well and I know wearing rompers or shorts can sometimes be tricky! Now this romper worked for me because the middle part has an elastic which accentuates my curves instead of just being a lose romper that would make me appear larger in certain areas because of my wide hips. I also hate shorts because I have thick thighs but wearing the Trench Vest adds some style to the outfit as well as covers the insecurities I tend to have. Also, the fact that the vest is black helps in keeping the appearance slimmer, as per my previous post regarding this trick! –>>Click here for more tips and tricks for appearing slimmer<<– There are always small fashion tricks you learn as you dress up your body that help you feel more confident by accentuating your best assets. I mean we all have flaws and we can make outfits work as long as we wear them according to what our body requires. Check out how I styled this whole outfit below and let me know in the comments if you think these boots were a great investment?!?! Also if you would like to learn more about minor fashion tips and tricks leave it in the comments or you can personally reach me at if you just want to chat it up privately!

Mustard Romper and Trench Vest Over the knee boots floppy hats Over the knee Heel Boots

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Romper: Forever 21

Trench vest: Missguided

Over the Knee Boots: Forever21 ||

Hat: Forever 21

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