Royal Blue Vibes


Happy Monday!!! Woohoo!! Today’s post is perfect because everyone has the Monday blues with going back to work and not feeling in the mood for a whole week of work! Well snap out of it dolls! Lets make Monday a positive one! Life is much easier when you look into the positives such as this being a new week with a fresh start on how you can conquer it. With winter around the corner and the cold weather it can be hard to be super happy and positive because you just want to lay in bed all day and cuddle with the quilt. My thing is lifetime movies!! I can sit here watching it all day long! LOL #guiltypleasures

I know they say that the color blue describes the feelings of being down and sad but the Royal Blue color is so vibrant. It is such a beautiful color that when I saw this as a peacoat I instantly tried it on to make sure the fit was right and purchased. There was no second guessing on that LOL! Check below and let me know your thoughts on this purchase?!?!






! Shop the winter gear !

Coat: Guess Factory

Hat & Gloves: Call it Spring

Boots: Forever21

Lipstick: Rouge in Love by Lancome


” Smile it’s contagious” – unknown


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