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Happy Monday! Todays OOTD consist of being comfortable and stylish! This is attire I would throw on when I am traveling. There is nothing like not loosing your style and being comfortable. Especially with sneakers making their way back into everyone’s life it is the best trend yet LOL The leather hat hat trend has been making its way too. I have had this hat for a long time now, it was one of my best purchases made in Express! I wear it pretty much every weekend, especially when I don’t feel like doing my hair. We are entitled to those days right ladies?!

on top of the world_Fotor

Weekends I love to just lay low, unless we have plans such as date night or going out with friends, but for the most part you will catch me in leggings and hats. I wanted to share my weekend style just to show we can be comfortable and still be stylish. Throw in your own style into the mix, and keep it comfy! Let’s be real when you go to the mall shopping you are in no way trying to wear heels to walk around for hours, it’s just not realistic. I have seen woman who do it and by all means go for it girl, if its your style then slay your way through that mall. I just know when I go to the mall I want to be comfortable and also not carrying a huge shoulder bag. This book bag I purchased a few months back on HouseofCB. I thought it was perfect and so stylish. It makes me feel like the movie clueless with my little puff ball keychain it came with. HAHA, was that a typical 90s girl moment?! Any who ladies, weekends do not have to be extremely bummed out or extremely glammed out the whole time. You can keep it comfy and cute!



Tweet: “Be yourself, nobody can do it better” – unknown


DSC04264_Fotor! Shop the Look !

Sneakers: Nike

Leggings: Express

Top: H&M

Hat: Express \\ Fashion Nova similar

Choker: Icing \\ Fashion Nova

BookBag: HouseofCB


How do you keep it comfy and stylish on the weekends?!?! Let me know down in the comments below.

OH, and Stay Beautiful 😉


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